NEW! Electronic advancer for the PAMCO Hall effect ignition!


Yamaha XS650 Ignition System

by PamcoPete

Now offering a two year warranty!

Now you can eliminate that troublesome mechanical advancer and replace it with a reliable MCU* electronic advancer. 


Precise lookup table for advance degrees / RPM

Automatic kill switch keeps coil off until starting

Eliminates advancer jiggle for a smoother engine and less vibration

Extremely low power consumption (220 microA)

Easy installation

Upgrade your existing PAMCO or combine with the new Hall Effect sensor

Order yours now for only


(Requires a 60 degree rotor. If you have an older PAMCO with a 90 degree rotor, a 60 degree rotor is available for an additional $34.95 '80 to '83 models require the advance rod and bushings)


Electronic Advancer



(Not currently available for the 277 Re Phase PAMCO. )

Note: The E-Advancer comes with an adaptor to replace the mechanical advancer.










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The new simplified PAMCO Hall effect Ignition system sensor works with the new E-Advancer

Designed to work with the new E-Advancer for a simplified system when combined with the new E-Advancer and a 60 Degree rotor

Sold as a complete system: sensor, E-Advancer and 60 degree rotor for only $189.95


If you have a 1971 to 1979 model, then you will also need a dual output coil, such as part #17-6903  or equivalent with a 2.5 to 4.5 Ohm primary resistance.

MikesXS also has complete kits suitable for all models.

Installation Instructions


Now available!

If you have an 1980 to 1983 model, you can use the stock coil or other suitable after market coils and order this special kit for the '80 to '83 models which includes the PAMCO E-Advancer and sensor plate, a special advance rod, two one piece brass bushings and the three locating pins to lock the advancer rod to the cam shaft. Also included is a special rotor and advancer replacement.

$231.95 including the E-Advancer, sensor plate, rotor, advancer replacement, two one piece brass bushings, nuts, washers, locating pins etc.

Installation Instructions for the 80-83 setup

The original (still available)

PAMCO Hall Effect Ignition System

Completely self contained, no external box required

 Priority Mail Shipping World Wide

Only $98.95 plus shipping

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If you have a 1971 to 1979 model, then you will also need a dual output coil, such as part #17-6903  or equivalent with a 2.5 to 4.5 Ohm primary resistance.

Iridium Spark Plug Test

Installation Instructions

Installing the Advance Unit

Installing the coils in '71 to '79 Models

Installing the New 17-6903 Coil in '80 to '83 Models

Installing Caps on Plug Wires

277 RePhase System

If you have an 80 to 83 model, you can use the stock coil or MikesXS coil, but you will also need the following parts, also available from:

Points advance rod #14-0650

Breaker plate screws #14-0655

Advance locating pin #14-0653

Brass bushings #05-0032 (3)

Auto Advancer Part #14-0652


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NOW! Also available for Honda

CB350F, CB400F, CB500, CB550 and CB750 SOHC Fours


CB450 and CB350 Twins