277 Rephase Ignition Systems

Technology: Hall effect sensors, IGBT coil drivers

Dwell: Fixed, 90 degrees
Coil primary resistance: 2.5 to 4.5 Ohms.
Operating voltage: 6 to 18 VDC
Operating current: 13 ma
Operating Temperature: -40 to +150C (-40 to 302F)
Spark Advance: Standard, centrifugal

Simple three wire installation: Battery, ground and coil. No external box of tricks.

Plate milled from high quality aluminum.

Rotor with two magnets made from a solid billet of aluminum on a CNC machine

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Using the same proven design as the Standard PAMCO Hall effect ignition for the XS650, the 277 systems offer a solid state answer for the popular RePhased XS650 engine.

When combined with the outstanding single output "Green Monster" coils from MikesXS, these systems will provide the powerful and reliable ignition that you need to get the most out of your RePhased engine.

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Click here for 277 installation instructions