277 Rephase Ignition Systems

Technology: Hall effect sensors, IGBT coil drivers

Dwell: Fixed, 90 degrees
Coil primary resistance: 2.5 to 4.5 Ohms.
Operating voltage: 6 to 18 VDC
Operating current: 13 ma
Operating Temperature: -40 to +150C (-40 to 302F)
Spark Advance: Standard, centrifugal

Simple three wire installation: Battery, ground and coil. No external box of tricks.

Plate milled from high quality aluminum.

Rotor with two magnets made from a solid billet of aluminum on a CNC machine

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Price is $119.95  

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Using the same proven design as the Standard PAMCO Hall effect ignition for the XS650, the 277 systems offer a solid state answer for the popular RePhased XS650 engine.


Click here for 277 installation instructions