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Vivamus interdum convallis erat vitae rutrum

  • Electric Tachometer (operates from Ignition pulses) 0-12,000 RPM 1.9 Dia. (48mm.), Black Face Tach functions only with single dual output type ignition coils - (80-84 factory Tci). Part #03-0675 $56.95 ea.
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    Timex brand instantaneous response Tachometer with Swiss made microcomputer controlled steeping motor. 0-10,000 RPM white face tach is controlled in steps of 0.08 degrees with a maximum angle deflection of 240 degrees. Bevelled glass 2.28" (58mm.) Diameter face has LED illumination. Case is approximately 30mm. ( 1.2" ) thick (thin ! ) and is held in place by a band clamp bracket ( not yet in stock ) or fitted into a dash plate mounting. Note: This Tachometer has micro-switch adjustments to allow it's use on multiple cylinders and various types of ignitions. Part #03-0678 $59.95 ea.
  • Chrome Mini - 2.25” Dia. - Black face, 0-160MPH. For Yama- ha 650’s. Internal illumination. Resetable Tripmeter. Part #03-0729 $43.95 ea.

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