• Coupler Set Coupler Set with Terminals - 4 space (Small Flat Spade type). Part #12-0638 $3.80/Set
  • Coupler Set Product Photo Coupler Set with Terminals - 6 space (Small Flat Spade type). Part #12-0639 $3.80/ Set
  • Coupler Set Coupler Set with Terminals - 9 space (Small Flat Spade type). Part #12-0640 $3.80/ Set
  • Ignition Switch with Keys - OEM Ref. # 256-82508-30/31, 366-82508-30. Fits: Yamaha XS1/XS1b/XS2/TX650 1970-73.   Part #12-4035 $44.95 Ea.
  • Ignition Switch With Keys - (No Fork Lock on this Type) - OEM Ref. #584-82508. Fits: XS650 1976-77 (May adapt to other years).. Note: Yamaha has made various versions of this switch and all are sold under the same OEM part number. Ours does Not have a connector plug but wire leads with terminals (extra opposing terminals included with switch). You may have to fit this switch to match your bikes harness connections in the headlamp shell. Key Position 1. Red wire in headlamp shell from main harness (+power feed from battery) goes to red Ignition switch wire. Key Position 2. Power is fed out via 2 brown wires & 1 red wire with yellow tracer. Key Position 3. Power is fed out via 2 blue wires (park position-only tail light is on). Part #12-4036 $16.95 Ea.
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    Contact Point - OEM Ref.# 256-81621-11. Fits: Yamaha XS/TX 650's 1970-> Order 2 for each XS engine. Part #14-0038 $9.95 Ea.
  • Out of stock
    Contact Point Screws (Pk/4) - Special Screws with Lock & Flat Washers for Points & Subplate. Screws are for mounting & adjustment of points. Part #14-0190 $0.99/ Pk./4
  • Auto Advance Unit Rod nuts (2), lock washers (2), Rod - OEM Ref.# 256-11156-00, locating pins - OEM Ref.# 93603-07073. Note: Rod passes through camshaft. Cam must have internal bushings - ( these are usually missing on 1980-84 North American 650 models ). Fits: All XS/TX650's 1970-84. Part #14-0650 $29.95 Ea.
  • Auto Advance Spring & Clip Set - Is your Ignition going to full advance at low RPM? This is the solution. Replacement Spring & Clip set replaces worn or broken stock parts & restores proper ignition timing advance rate. Part #14-0651 $4.95/Set
  • Auto Advance Assembly. Complete advance as Shown Including Cogged Mounting Nut. Replaces original units with worn or damaged parts. Fits: All 650's 1970-84 (contact point ignition assemblies). Part #14-0652 $49.90 Ea.
  • Locating Pin - Auto Advance to Camshaft, Contact Point Cam and Auto Advance Drive Disc Locating Pins. OEM Ref. # 93603-07073. Part #14-0653 $2.90/Pk./3
  • Part #14-0654 $8.40 Ea. Ignition auto advance Retainer Nut. Holds advance unit to Camshaft end. Cogged Nut to replaced damaged original nut. Fits: All 650's 1970-84
  • Contact Breaker Plate Screws (2pc.) and Flat Washers (2pc.). Set for main backing plate adjustment. Part #14-0655 $2.30/Set
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    Stock Point Cam for Original Contact Point Type Ignitions (2 Contact Sets). Cam Oem Ref. # 256-81651-10-00. Fits: Stock contact point ignitions 1970-84. Part #14-0656 $12.60 Ea.
  • Grommet Set (2) to fit into Cam/Breaker Covers. Set includes one grommet with a hole (points side) and one grommet without a hole (fits to advance unit side). Fits: All XS 650's - Use on all models with cam triggered ignitions (points & Pamco). Part #14-0775 $3.95 Ea.
  • Grommet Set (2) to fit into Cam/Breaker Covers. Set includes two grommets without holes. Fits: XS 650's - Use on all Tci models (1980-84 factory ignition). Part #14-0776 $3.95 Ea.

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