• Valve Stem Seals (Pk/4). Use these with Our New #05-0025 XS Performance Cam (Also Web Cams) and matching XS Performance Valve Spring Sets. Seals are 0.85mm shorter than our #01-0114 stem seals and this provides additional seal to valve cap clearance needed when using higher lift cams. Fits: All 650's 1970-84 Part #01-0115 $14.64 Ea.
  • Brass Cylinder Head Washer - Can replace all cylinder head sealing washers or all Head Nut Washers used on any 650. 22mm. OD x 10.5mm. ID x 4mm. Thick.   Part #01-0651 $9.10/pk./4 Note: The Stock Cylinder Head Sealing Washer ( #01-0650 ) has been discontinued as this brass type has never been seen to leak and last indefinitely.
  • Clutch Pushrod Shaft Bushing - Replaces original bushing inside of pushrod housing (transmission shaft) and brings clearances back to original. When stock clearances are too large the pushrod moves to the side and increases tearing stress on the pushrod seal. Part #01-2020 $4.50 Ea.
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    Rivet Link for Tsubaki BF05T Cam Chain. Pitch .315" (8.0mm) (as used on XS/TX650's 1970-73). Made in Japan. NOTE: May not fit to old original chains due to later chain dimension and design improvements made to strengthen cam chain Part #01-8801 $3.95 Ea.
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    Rivet Link - D.I.D. 219FTss. Made in Japan. Fits: #52-4008 Cam chain. NOTE: May not fit to old original chains due to later chain dimension and design improvements made to strengthen cam chain. Pitch .3061" (7.774mm.). Part #01-8802 $3.80 Ea.
  • Tsubaki BF05M Rivet Master Link Pitch .3061" (7.774mm.). Cam Chain Replacement Link Fits: XS650 ,TX650 (74-84 ) Replaces OEM# 94500-02106-00. Part #01-8815 $3.00 Ea.
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    10pc. Engine Oil Seal kit - Superior Quality by original Japanese maker (Ars) Includes 2pc. of special triple lip 7mm. thick cam seals. Seals included in kit - Electric start to crank case seal, starter motor shaft seal, kick start seal, shift shaft seal, clutch push rod seal, transmission countershaft seal, upgraded cam shaft seals x2, Crank seal (alternator side) & tach drive seal. Fits: All 650's 1970-84.   Part #01-9010 $34.95/Kit
  • Used Advance/Breaker Housing. 2 Used on each Engine. Fits: All 650's 1970-84. Part # 01-9011 $8.00 Ea.
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    Camshaft Seals (Pk./2). Made in Japan. Fits 1970 thru 1984 Yamaha XS650. The dimensions of the seal are SDD 25-40-7. Triple Lip Fits: XS1/XS2 70-72, TX650/A 73-74, XS650 75-78, XS650 Special 78-84 Part #01-9016 $14.95 Ea.
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    Clutch Pushrod Oil Seal - Made in Japan by Original Maker. OEM Ref.# 93102-08094/08118 ( SD - 8-25-6 ) Ars. Fits: 1970-84 650's Note: The Clutch pushrod seal is a chronic leaker. This seal was made to be replaced when the engine cases are split! It can be replaced without splitting the cases but it is tricky to drive it in intact. We suggest riders purchase more than one as you will need another again someday if not right away if you do not succeed in replacing the seal intact. We suggest you also clean and polish your clutch pushrod as grit & nicks on the rod will saw away at the seal lip causing early wear. Part #01-9019 $4.85 Pc.
  • Camshaft Seals (Pk./2). Special Triple Lip Camshaft Oil Seals. Made in Japan. Fits: All 650's 1970-84. Part #01-9020 $14.00 Pk./2
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    Starter Motor to Crankcase Oil Seal. OEM.#93102-34095. Ars SD34-46-10.5 Fits: All 1972-84 650's. Part #01-9022 $6.95 Ea.
  • Engine Tachometer Drive Oil Seal. OEM.#93104-07036. Ars SO 7-13-4 HS. Fits: All 650's 1970-84.   Part #01-9023 $4.80 Ea.
  • Engine Kickstart Shaft Oil Seal. OEM.#93102-25064. Ars SD 25-35-7-2HS. Fits: All 650's 1970-84. Part #01-9024 $6.90 Ea.
  • Engine Crankshaft Oil Seal on Alternator (LH) side. OEM.# 93102-25121/25090. Ars SD 25-40 9-L-1 HS Fits: All 650's 1970-84.   Part #01-9025 $7.50 Ea.
  • Engine Transmission Shift Shaft Oil Seal. OEM.# 93109-14010. Ars SDD 14-24-6. Fits: All 650's 1970-84.   Part #01-9026 $5.00 Ea.
  • Starter Motor Shaft Oil Seal. OEM #93101-17047-00. SDO 17-28-8 HS Fits: All 650 starter motors 1972-84.   Part #01-9027 $6.00 Ea.
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    Starter motor Housing O-Rings ( Pk./2 ) - Square profile Oem Ref.# 306-81827-10-00 Fits: All 650' Starters (1972-84).   Part #01-9028 $4.90/Pk./2
  • Valve Guide - Intake - Standard Size for 1970-84 XS/TX650's. Part #01-9087 $10.90 Ea.
  • Valve Guide - Exhaust - Standard size for 1970-84 TX/XS650's Part #01-9088 $10.90 Ea.
  • Valve Collets (Keepers), (Pk./2) for Intake or Exhaust Valve, OEM # 341-12118-00. Fits: XS1/XS1B/XS2/TX650/XS650 1970-83. Part #01-9093 $5.00 Ea.
  • Tappet adjuster Screw and nut - 2pc.Set. Hex Socket type for easier  adjustments . 4 sets used per engine. Fits: 1970-74 Part #01-9095 $4.60 Ea.
  • Gear Shift Lever Rubber Fits: 1970-84 650's OEM Ref.# 132-18113-01   Part #02-2470 $1.95 Ea.
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    Gasket Cement - 3-Bond #4 (Yamabond #4) - 100gram tube - Gray semi-drying type. Use on gaskets except head gasket and on all surfaces without gaskets.   Part #05-0001 $10.95 /Tube
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    HP Connecting Rod Bearing, Washer & Pin Kit. Includes: Big end Bearing & Thrust Washers. Fits: TX650A (1974) & All XS650 (75-84). Part #05-0003 $24.95 Ea.
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    Cam Chain Tensioner Pivot Arm + mounting fasteners. OEM# Ref. 447-12220-00. Fits: XS/TX 650's 1974-84. Part #05-0004 $48.00 Ea.
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    High Performance Connecting Rod Kit - 447 type (20mm Piston Pin Hole). Includes: Connecting Rod, Crank Pin, Thrust Washers & Special high load Big end Bearing. Fits:TX650A (1974) & All XS650 (75-84). Part #05-0005 $69.95 Ea.
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    Guide Stopper (Front Cam Chain Guide Bar). OEM Ref.# 256-12231-01. When black plastic bits start showing up in your oil its usually from the guide bar breaking up due to heat & old age. Replace it as the cam chain will next start to saw its way thru the aluminum support. Fits: All TX/XS 650's 1970-84 Part #05-0006 $25.20 Ea.
  • Camshaft Bearing - B16005 (Special C4 Clearance). 4 used per engine. Fits: All XS/TX650's 1970-84. Made in Japan by original supplier. Part #05-0007 $12.50 Ea.
  • Crank Main Bearing - Drive End - RH (Ball Type) - B6306C3 - Special. 1 Pc. used per engine. OEM Ref.# 93306-30604-00-00. Fits: 1970-84 650's Replaces the Discontinued and long unavailable Koyo brand original Bearing. Part #05-0008 $46.90 Ea.
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    Crank Main Bearing (Special Roller Type) - 3 used per engine. - Located center (2) and Left hand side of crankshaft (1). OEM# 93390-00003-00 Fits: All 1970-84 650's. Part #05-0009 $69.95 Ea.
  • OEM Ref.# 447-11635-01-96. Fits: 650's 1974-84 If you want to replace or go back to the stock 650cc piston, this is what you need. Note: Piston rings are not included in kit Part #05-0013 $45.46 Set
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