• Extended Bigfoot Gear Shift Lever - Do you have feet Larger than the guy that designed the gear lever on your XS? This extended gear lever for the XS650 will fit better and also improves shifting! Includes rubber.   Fits: 1970-84 650's   Part #19-6502 $14.95 Ea.
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    Kickstarter Lever Assembly with Chrome plated Lever Shaft Later Heavy Duty type Kickstarter with rubber (swings out further for more clearance from arm to brake pedal and exhaust). Fits: All 650 Engines 1974-84   Part #19-6505 $39.95 Ea.
  • Kickstarter Spring Fits: All 650's 1970-84   Part #19-6506 $4.90 Ea.
  • Front Sprocket Locktab. Replaces OEM# 90215-26024, 256-17464-00, 256-17464-00-00, 90215-26024-00   Fits: Yamaha XS1 (1970-71),XS2 (1972), TX650/A (1973-74), XS650 (1976-78), XS650 Special II (1980-81),   Part #22-0650 $5.95 Ea.
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    Front Sprocket Nut. Fits: All 650's 1970-84   Part #22-0652 $3.80 Ea.
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    1/2" Drive 27mm. 6 Point Deep Socket. Fits: Clutch Hub Nut on All 650's 1970-84. Part #35-1078 $7.50 ea.
  • Clutch Holder Tool - Holds Inner and Outer Clutch Hubs So That the Center Nut May be Removed Without Damaging Hubs. Fits: All 650 clutches (1970-84). Part #35-5021 $7.95 ea.
  • Professional Adjustable Vise Grip Style Clutch Basket and Sprocket Holder Tool.   Part #35-9052 $14.95 Ea.
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    Clutch Friction Plate Fit: All 650's 1970-84 - Sold Each - Order number of pieces required. 1980-84 models - use 6pc. 1974-79 models - use 7pc.. 1970-73 model clutch friction plates are No longer available but these later types can replace the originals! (6 friction and 5 steel drive plates were originally used). To use these late type friction plates remove the old clutch plate separator O-Rings (discard), and add 1 additional steel drive plate and replace all 6 old type thick friction plates with 7pc. of this new type friction plate.   Part #39-1133 $6.29 Ea.
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    Clutch Spring Screw Set - 12pc. - 6 Socket Head Bolts with Matching Sleeves. Fits: 1970-84 Clutch Hub Part #39-6504 $29.95
  • Needle Bearing with Thrust Washer for Rear of Inner Clutch Hub. Fits: All 650's If your clutch does not seem to release properly or if you have difficulty finding neutral when the engine is hot a worn bearing may be the reason. Our high quality multi-needle bearing assembly is a superior replacement for the original. Note: Bearing Part #39-6505 (OEM Ref.#93341-23504) consists of - 1. the circular bearing race and 2. one thin matching washer. Parts books and manuals show this as 1 part only (not 2 pc). The Clutch must be assembled in Sequence shown above - Bearing with its matching thin washer and then the thick clutch washer (thrust plate). Part #39-6505 $12.95
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    High Performance Clutch Springs - Set of 6 - Replaces/upgrades sagged original stock springs. Fits: All 650's. Part #39-6506 $13.95  
  • Clutch Spring Screw - Sold Each. 6 Pieces used per engine. Order what you need. Fits: All 1970-84 XS/TX650's. Part #39-6508 $3.95
  • Clutch Pushrod Bearing, 2 used in each 76-84 engine, (only 1 pc. required if long early 70-75 type clutch pushrod is used). Fits: 1970-84 XS/TX650's. Part #39-6509 $0.90  
  • Clutch Pushrod (Short Outer Rod). Stock part for 1976-84 650's but will also work with 1970-75 parts. Part #39-6510 $6.95
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    Clutch Pushrod (Long One-Piece Rod). Replaces both inner and outer pushrod and outer ball bearing used on 76-84's. Provides more stable action and allows less wear of clutch pushrod seal (Note: photo not to scale). Fits: 1970-84 650's. Stock original type for 1970-75 models. Part #39-6511 $12.90

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