• Carb Float Valve (Needle & Seat) arb Float Valve (Needle & Seat) - Threaded Type. Fits: XS2 (1972), TX650/A (1973-74), XS650B-F (1975-79) with Stock Mikuni BS38 CV Carbs.   Part #48-5019 $8.35 Ea.
  • O-Ring - Needle Jet (Nozzle Main). If this O-ring is dried out, shrunk or damaged, fuel can pass around the outside of the Needle jet instead of just thru the jets center causing a richer carb fuel mixture. Fits: XS/TX 650's (1970-79) with Stock Mikuni BS38 CV Carbs. Note: O-Ring appears too small but it is correct, install by carefully stretching with pointy needle nose pliers until it just fits over the jet.   Part #48-5020 $1.25 Ea.

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