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    Petcock Filter with Attached Filter Screen. Petcock Filter with Attached Filter Screen. Check thread size - Fits: Original Yamaha Manual Petcocks 1970-77 and (#20-0050/51) Only.   Part #20-6421 $3.95 Ea.
  • Fuel Line T Piece Fuel Line T Piece ( Fuel Supply T that fits between Carbs ) Replaces Stock piece on Mikuni BS 34 CV carbs as used on 80-84 XS650's Includes 2 Rubber Seals. Note: T piece replaces the stock plastic or Pot metal Original. The Carbs must be separated to install the T- Piece. Inspect the carb body holes as some are off center or have an irregulat tapered hole which makes it hard to seal. We suggest you replace the Carb link bar screws as they are very hard to get out and may be distorted.   Part # 48-0884 $9.90/Kit
  • Replacement Seals Replacement for #48-0884 T Piece.ent seals ( Pk./2 ). Part # 48-0885 $3.50/Pk./2
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    Carb Link Bar Screws BS34/38 Carb Link Bar Screws - Set/4 Stainless Socket head screws - 6mm. x 13mm. x M1.00 ( Max 15mm. )   Part # 48-0989 $3.90/Set/4
  • Blind Plug Blind Plug - Carb Holder Air Barb - OEM Ref.# 1J7-13569-00. Fits: 1978-84 XS650 stock carb holders & blocks off air barbs when vacuum petcocks are replaced with manual type petcocks. Order quantity needed. Fits: All XS Carb Holders and Carb Holders for Keihin Flatslide PWK 32mm XS Performance Carb Set for XS650. Note: Each carb holder requires 1 Blind Plug.   Part #48-1447 $0.90 Ea.

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