• Chrome Thick Washer - 10mm x 27mm x 4.5mm. Fits: All Footrest mount bars on 1970-84 650's and shock absorber top mount stud on 1974-79 650's.   Part #49-0704 $2.15 Ea.
  • Bronze Swingarm Bushings (Set/2) - Replace your plastic factory swing arm bushings! Improve your bikes handling. A first Must Do for All XS650's Fits: All 1970-84 650's   Part #28-1024 $29.95/Set/2
  • Damper Bolt Sealing Washers - Copper (Pk./2) - Fits under allen socket head damper retaining bolts (Lower fork leg to inner dampers). Fits: 72-84 XS2/TX650/A/XS650B-L. Part #18-5020 $1.70/Pk./2
  • Steering Head Bearing Kit - Kit replaces factory loose ball bearings & races. Tapered Roller bearings have 10 times the contact area and less flex. Drop in replacement for factory original type. Japanese made Superior Quality. Fits: 1970-84 XS/TX 650's.   Part #28-2009 $33.95 Set
  • Performance Progressive wound Front Fork Spring Set. Springs Improve handling while retaining OEM geometry. Stops front end droop and diving during braking while improving cornering stability. Progressive design combats bottoming in harsh conditions by increasing resistance as spring compresses. 23mm. Dia. x 495mm. long. 30/40 Lb. /in rate. Fits: 34mm. stock forks on TX650A (1974) and XS650B/C (1975-76)   Part #27-1087 $45.95 Set/2
  • Steering Head Bolt with Domed Head and Matching Chrome Radiused Washer. Improved appearance over stock style. Fits: All 650's with a steering head post Bolt (not models with a damper).   Part #49-0752 $12.95/Set/2
  • Gas Shock Absorber Set - (Monza Cafe) for 74-84 XS/TX650's Black Springs 12.6" ( 320mm.) eye to eye. Top eye 14.2 mm. Dia. Bottom eye 10.2mm. Dia. Top Quality. Fits: 1974-84 XS/TX650's   Part #06-3721 $139.95/Set
  • Swingarm Pivot Bolt (Shaft) - Bolt with full-size thread ( replaces undercut original ). Fits:XS1/XS1b/XS2/TX650 (1970-73 ). Check your original for cracks at the threads.   Part #27-1071 $19.95 Ea.
  • Replacement Shock Rubbers, Spacers, and Washer Set. For shocks with Eye Type Mounting Points. Fits: Our shock sets #06-3601, 06-3607, 06-3608, 06-3621, 06-3627, 06-3641, 06-3647 and some other brands. Each Set Contains all items shown (in quantities shown). for one shock absorber.   Part #06-3734 $9.90/Set as shown ( for one shock )
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    XS1/XS1b 1970-71 Shrouded type shock  absorber set. Chrome and Yellow XS1b  type paint 12.7" eye to eye 10.2mm. mounting eye both ends Fits: 1970-71 XS1/XS1b Part #06-3611 $79.95/Set
  • Alloy Damper Bracket Alloy Bracket - For Fork tube end of our Hydraulic Steering Damper. Made in Japan Fits: 35mm. Fork tubes on Yamaha XS650’s (1977-84).   Part #28-4001 $19.95 Ea
  • Hydraulic Steering Damper Hydraulic Steering Damper - 7 Position Adjustable in 20Lb force increments. Quality Made in Japan. Ideal for sidecar or racing use. Frame bracket must be fabricated to adapt to your application.   Part #28-4008 $52.95 Ea.
  • Alloy Damper Bracket Alloy Bracket - For Fork tube end of our Hydraulic Steering Damper. Made in Japan Fits: 34mm. Fork tubes on Yamaha XS/TX650’s (1971-76).   Part #28-4014 $19.95 Ea.
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    Ring Wrench to Tighten Steering Head Cogged Nuts. Also fits preload adjuster on some stock Yamaha Shocks. Fits: 60 and 65mm.   Part #35-3005 $9.50 Ea.
  • Steering Head Locknut. Replaces OEM# 90179-25033. Fits: 1974-84 XS650's.   Part #49-0750 $2.95 Ea.
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    Replacement Shaft Needle Bearing for #28-1011 Conversion Kit.   Part #28-1020 $7.95 Ea.
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