2-1 XS Performance Headpipe Set


XS Performance 2-1 Chrome XS Performance Headpipe Set with Collector.

1 1/2″ OD Headpipes with finned clamp and a collector pipe (45.3mm.OD) with a slight kick up.


Fits: XS650 (1980-84) Note: Muffler NOT Included.

In Dyno Development this system with a free flowing muffler added and

unprecedented 10HP+ rear wheel to a completely stock 1980 XS650.

Designed to work with our taper Tip #07-0041 muffler or our

#07-0114 short megaphone or any free flowing muffler that will fit

onto the 45.3mm (1.783″) OD collector. This system produces more

power than any other we have tested or developed.


Part #07-0767