Starter Gear Repair Kit – If your starter kicks out when engaged or makes a rattling sound & will not engage, it is usually the gear that engages with the one on the crank has worn its teeth out (problem is actually not in the starter motor but in the drive train system to the crankshaft, like an Auto bendix drive). This repair kit is the solution!

Kit contains: 1pc. 447-15516-00 Gear 4 (Starter gear), 1pc. 90468-29062 Clip – (Spring clip for starter gear), 1pc 90501-15409 Spring, compression – (starter gear spring).

This gear assembly is located behind the leading edge of the clutch hub and is easy to change (Clutch cover & clutch hub assembly removal necessary).

Fits: All 650’s 1972-84


Part #24-6522 $34.95/Kit