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  • Valve Stem Seals (Pk/4). Use these with Our New #05-0025 XS Performance Cam (Also Web Cams) and matching XS Performance Valve Spring Sets. Seals are 0.85mm shorter than our #01-0114 stem seals and this provides additional seal to valve cap clearance needed when using higher lift cams. Fits: All 650's 1970-84 Part #01-0115 $14.64 pk./4
  • Tubeless Tire Valve for Yamaha Mag Wheels. Correct size for XS models with factory Mag Wheels. Includes valve core.   Part #01-0167 $3.85 Ea.
  • Metal Valve Stem Cap (Pk./2) with Core Removal Notch.   Part #01-0171 $1.50 Pk/2
  • Ninety Degree Tire Fill Valve. Extended length allows easy access for filling rear tire with Air. Removes & installs easily for storage in your tool kit. Cap included. Plated Finish   Part #01-0172 $3.50 Ea.
  • Brass Cylinder Head Washer - Can replace all cylinder head sealing washers or all Head Nut Washers used on any 650. 22mm. OD x 10.5mm. ID x 4mm. Thick.   Part #01-0651 $9.10/pk./4 Note: The Stock Cylinder Head Sealing Washer ( #01-0650 ) has been discontinued as this brass type has never been seen to leak and last indefinitely.
  • Front wheel Oil Seal - (SD-28-47-7) Fits: Front on All 650's 1973-84.   Part #01-0652 $7.70 Ea.
  • Out of stock
    Front Wheel Oil Seal - Speedo drive side - (SDO-45-56-6). Fits: All 650's 1973-84   Part #01-0653 $7.70 Ea.
  • Out of stock
    Rear wheel Oil Seal - (SO-27-52-5) Fits: Rear (RH Side) All 650's 1970-84.   Part #01-0654 $7.65 Ea.

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