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  • Replacement Coil Tower Caps and Seals Set. One set (2 Coil Tower Caps + 2 Seals). Fits the 2 coils used with stock points ignition coils or our XS#17-6803 High output replacement Tci ignition coil (A single dual output coil). Part #17-6804 $3.50 Ea.
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    Big Bore cylinder and piston kit- The only complete bolt on big bore 750cc Big Bore Cylinder and Piston Kit The Only complete bolt-on Big Bore 750cc Cylinder and piston kit ever made for the XS650 Yamaha Modified limited production European Race Engine Cylinder Block has enlarged fins for improved cooling. The New Cylinder Block has longer fins matching the Head Fin Length. Kit Fits: 1974-84 447 Type Engines Kit Includes: 1. XS Performance Big Bore Race Cylinder Block with sleeves installed and finished to fit our 80mm. Forged Big Bore (750cc.) Pistons. Cylinder casting has larger cooling fins that extend out the same distance as the cylinder head fins for enhanced cooling. No modifications to engine cases needed. 2. Forged 80mm. 750cc Big Bore Piston kits(2) complete with Ring Sets, Piston Pins & Clips. Forged 447 type Pistons feature: 1. Valve pockets cut for large valves. 2. Mos2 treated piston skirts. 3. Oil channel for enhanced piston pin oiling. 4. 20mm. piston pins that are internally tapered to ends for weight reduction. 5. Lightweight 9:1 compression pistons. Assembly - Weight approx. 455 Grams. 6. Big Bore Cylinder Head Gasket & Base Gasket. Fitted with our XS Performance Camshaft, Dellorto Carbs, a free-flowing Exhaust and Iridium spark plugs will result in about 65 Rear wheel Horsepower or more and 50 foot-pounds of Torque. See Dyno Chart 1 Dyno Part #05-0750 $350.00 Ea.
  • Commando Style Megaphone Muffler Commando Style Megaphone Muffler. An "XS Performance" part. Chrome Megaphone is 26" Long x 3 7/8" end Dia. with a welded in mechanical steel baffle, welded on end cone and a reinforced mounting bracket positioned to improve fit to the XS chassis and includes a hanger strap and clamp. Fits: 1.5" (38.5mm. Only and No reducer sleeves are provided   Part #07-0065 $59.95 Ea.
  • Clear Square Inline Fuel Filter. Clear Square Inline Fuel Filter.   Part #20-0013 $1.90 Ea.
  • Gas Cap Rubber Seal Gas Cap Rubber Seal, OEM Ref.# 341-24612-01 Fits: All 1974-75 XS/TX 650 gas caps.   Part #20-0038 $6.30 Ea.
  • Sump Oil Filter Strainer Plate Gasket. Fits: All 650's 1970-84. Part #18-0858 $3.80
  • Chrome Thick Washer - 10mm x 27mm x 4.5mm. Fits: All Footrest mount bars on 1970-84 650's and shock absorber top mount stud on 1974-79 650's.   Part #49-0704 $2.15 Ea.
  • Chrome Rocker Shaft Plug, OEM Reference #90430-18017-00, 256-11177-00-00, 90340-18017-00. Part #49-0710 $1.75
  • Headpipe Exhaust Gaskets (Pk./2) - Original Yamaha Type. OEM Ref.# 256/3GD-14613-00, 90430-38054. Fits: All 650's 1970-84.   Part #18-0675 $2.95 Pk./2
  • Bronze Swingarm Bushings (Set/2) - Replace your plastic factory swing arm bushings! Improve your bikes handling. A first Must Do for All XS650's Fits: All 1970-84 650's   Part #28-1024 $29.95/Set/2
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    XS1/XS1b/XS2/TX650 70-73 Grab Rail Chrome grab rail for stock 1970-73 seat   Part #68-6800 $22.50 Ea.
  • Clutch Spring Screw - Sold Each. 6 Pieces used per engine. Order what you need. Fits: All 1970-84 XS/TX650's. Part #39-6508 $3.95
  • Damper Bolt Sealing Washers - Copper (Pk./2) - Fits under allen socket head damper retaining bolts (Lower fork leg to inner dampers). Fits: 72-84 XS2/TX650/A/XS650B-L. Part #18-5020 $1.70/Pk./2
  • Sump Oil Filter - (New and Upgraded design with perforated metal to back up the filtering element). Stock original filters tear at low milage and allow unfiltered oil to flow to the oil pump. OEM Ref.# 256-13411-01. Fits: All 650's 1970-84. Part #15-6500 $24.95
  • High Performance floating Disc Brake Rotors for 77-84 XS650's Stainless Steel Disc - Drilled - Fits: Front Right or Left - Less unsprung weight - Approx. 3.6Lbs. verses stock discs at approx 6.2 Lbs. - 298mm.Dia. Includes caliper spacers. Japanese Made Superior Quality Performance Disc Brake Rotors.   Part #30-3065 $109.00 Ea.
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