NOTE : All Yamaha items are sold as ” RACE” or “OFF ROAD” use Only. Warrantee if any is as listed below

Yamaha  Sells retail to customers in the U.S.A. Only
Shipments are made in the Continental USA by UPS Ground  Only .
We pay shipping in the Continental USA  on orders $150.00 & up .
We do NOT make any profit from shipping costs and you pay only what it costs us.  Shipping prices have increased by multiples in
the last 7 years due to special deals given by usps and couriers to the likes of Amazon at the expense of the public and other shippers.
If this situation changes, we will change our policy.

Orders now can be placed by Online Shopping Only and the site has been certified as Secure – See –
Site does not have a minimum order and all prices are in U.S.A. Dollars. We accept Paypal and Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Cards through PayPal .  Additions or other changes cannot be made to orders after they are placed so be sure before finalizing orders.
Money orders and checks are Not accepted – If you cannot purchase by PayPal or credit card, have a friend or relative who does have these options available place the order for you.

All prices herein are retail and customers in Florida Only must pay applicable state sales tax .  Actual current pricing when in dispute IS the price as listed in the online Shopping basket system. We seldom increase prices but all prices are subject to change without notice. We try to keep prices low and to do so must get the right part out the first time. Please do not order items you are unsure of.
Items do Not fit models other than those described with each part.

Backorders are Not held. If we are out of stock on an item please reorder later if still required.

Damage or loss in transit by UPS courier is the responsibility of the carrier and should be noted when signing delivery slips. On multiple package shipments, be sure that you have received the number of cartons that you are signing for. Cartons must be opened immediately upon receipt and the contents checked for completeness, damage and proper application as we will not accept claims after 10 days from date of shipment. If  there is any damage to the order, place a claim with the carrier immediately and be sure to keep all original shipping cartons, packing,etc. – The courier company will want to examine them before approving claim for payment.

Exhaust systems are warranteed for 30 days against manufacturers defect or workmanship. Warranties do not cover  damage caused by impact, modification, exposure to corrosives or deterioration caused by weather or wear. Owner is responsible for all damage caused by installation, accident or neglect. Bright chrome systems are not warranteed against bluing. Warranty returns must have prior approval from our order desk and have All hardware returned.
Electrical Parts – Are NOT Returnable for any reason. Please do not order these items as diagnostic tools and always check related parts for the reason the original part failed. Parts work on models indicated ONLY.
General merchandise is guaranteed for 30 Days from date of retail against manufacturers defect in workmanship or material (copy of retail sales slip required). Guarantee is limited to  replacement of the unit or defective component thereof only. Any item which has been modified, subjected to misuse, neglect, incorrect installation or application is not covered. Broken Lamps will need to be returned.

All information contained in this catalog has been collected from the most authoritive and reliable sources and, insofar as we are able to ascertain, is technically correct. However, no liability can be accepted should any detail be found incorrect. We are not responsible for incorrect part application, installation or any consequences thereof.  Customers – If you do not have the knowledge to correctly install items or make proper safe repairs please take your bike to a qualified mechanic who does.  Parts listed in this catalog will not fit models not listed with the part.  Please Do not order parts on speculation that they will fit other models or years.